Ordering - Send me an e-mail detailing what you are interested in buying.  Then we'll work out the details.
Taxes - If you live in Wisconsin, I must charge Brown County, WI sales tax.  Currently that's 5.5%.
Postage - I send everything by US Mail: normally first class, or if outside the US, then it goes by FedEx.

Insurance - Everything sent is also insured.

Handling - I don't charge any fees for handling.  I've always thought that is just a way to get more money for
your product
Total Cost - This will obviously vary based on your location and the size and weight of the order.  I have no
requirement for a minimum order size.  The total will be the cost of the stones plus the shipping and insurance cost.
Payment - I don't use any credit cards.  That's just too expensive for both of us.  I accept personal checks,
money orders, or PayPal.  No cash please.
I attempt to accurately represent and describe cut stones and rough
as to appearance, size, origin and fully disclose any known
treatments in its description. Because you view the images on a
different monitor with different settings, color is particularly fickle
to represent, but I do my best.
My Guarantee is simple.  If you buy a stone from me and are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason,
then return it to me within two weeks undamaged and unaltered and I will refund your money.  You can't get a
better guarantee!  Prior to returning an item you must e-mail me so that I know it's coming
How to Order
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Home       Finished Gemstones         Sold Gemstones        Facet Rough        My Designs        Testimonials        Clarity System        Links        How To Order