I attempt to accurately represent and describe cut stones and rough
as to appearance, size, origin and fully disclose any known
treatments in its description. Because you view the images on a
different monitor with different settings, color is particularly fickle
to represent, but I do my best.
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Home       Finished Gemstones         Sold Gemstones        Facet Rough        My Designs        Testimonials        Clarity System        Links        How To Order
Meredith........"I finally got the sapphire in my greedy little hands.  I love it!  I've been looking it over constantly since then, trying to figure out what type of
piece of jewelry would be best for it.  I haven't decided between a ring or a pendant, but I think a simple, minimal style would be best to show off the stone
and not look like it's trying to overshadow it. Anyway, I'm thrilled with it, and will definitely be checking back on your website on a regular basis.  Thanks so
Chermaign........"I've got it! It's so pretty and will look dainty on my hand :) It's really white and you brought out the white sparkle as well. Thank you for
cutting me such a beautiful stone and for taking such care when you sent it to me!"
Scott........."Just wanted to let you know that the stones got here safely this morning....WHOA!!!!!  We've already taken it out into the California sunshine,
and you hit the ball WAY out of the park....it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! (We needed welder's goggles to protect our eyes from the shimmer....)"
Scott........."The stone got here yesterday! (FRIGGIN' GORGEOUS work, my good man! WOW!!! And here you were totally downplaying it...it is
BEAUTIFUL, and the color variance is VERY, VERY intriguing...it's a stone that MAKES you want to look at it...I gave it to her last night - Cheri was
THRILLED with it!"
Marie........."WOW! The tourmaline is absolutely beautiful. I'm amazed. I'm running from room to room to see it in different lights. Thank you for the
handwritten note, I so appreciate details like that. It was nice doing business with you!"
Paul........."The stone arrived today. It is superb! Linette has been out of town for 2 days and will be coming home in about half an hour. I will be showing
her both the stone and your update of the cut on your web page. I just know she will be thrilled. In fact, I expect that she will be showing the stone off to her
family at a birthday party tomorrow night. Thanks again for the excellent work!"
Here are just a few of the responses I've received from customers.