Facet Rough
I attempt to accurately represent and describe cut stones and rough
as to appearance, size, origin and fully disclose any known
treatments in its description. Because you view the images on a
different monitor with different settings, color is particularly fickle
to represent, but I do my best.
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"The color of this material is a nice green with some blue tones.

Note: Prasiolite (green Quartz) comes in many color grades. So be aware that the green color of the rough you buy depends
on the color grade and quality. You will get the color you pay for...

This material is the top grade and much better color than most commercial color man-made Prasiolite that you might see.

The color is all a nice green and color will not wash out when cut. This material does not have any of the gray tones which a
lot of the lower quality material does and it is also a shade darker green at least than most other material I have see. This is the
select of the best color.

This material finishes a nice good color green (blue/green highlights) stone and will work well in about any designs and hold
it's color when faceted. Ideally I think this color works well in deeper designs and Barions. This is irradiated, like all this
material. The color of this material is stable and irradiated, as well as maybe heated, they will not say exactly what the
treatment process is but it is color stable.

Note: Genuine Prasiolite is natural Amethyst that is heated to green and quite rare." - Jeff Graham

Brazilian Prasiolite (man made color)

green        $115.00      71.27 cts     20.00 mm wide     34.40 mm long      18.20 mm deep - best cut = 2 Rounds